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Your Life Goals Within Reach

Hypnosis & Rapid Transformational Therapy with Stephanie 

Meet Stephanie

Certified Hypnotherapist & Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner 

I am a certified hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Practitioner based in France. I work with clients to overcome limiting beliefs and recode their minds. Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT) allows for breakthroughs, releasing resistance to success blocks and supercharging potential. 


I studied RTT with Marisa Peer after not finding the help I needed through traditional therapy practices. I have since helped clients of all ages and background achieve their life goals and overcome various limiting beliefs and habits to go forward in life with a clearer understanding of the source of issues, and the confidence to take strides toward their dreams and set personal records in business and life. 

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What I Specialize In

Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

Find your purpose & Succes blocks

Anxiety & Depression




The Journey Towards Abondance Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“ I am grateful for having Stephanie as my therapist. I knew about Marisa Peer and RTT, I was convinced of the effectiveness of hypnosis and the method because I went to one of her conferences last March but deep down I thought it wouldn't work on me.

Stephanie made me overcome this feeling and managed to remove the barriers that disrupted my life. Her support is really beneficial to me. I follow her advice and the routine she suggested to me.

I highly recommend her!


Thank you Stéphanie! 

- Martine P.

“Thank you Stephanie for your hypnosis, it was amazing!  I went back to events from my childhood that I had forgotten. I see now after almost 21 days, a big improvement, I feel unstoppable ! Thank you again for your kindness and professionalism”

- Claire

I discovered Marisa Peer and RTT during a quite difficult period of my life. The timing was perfect, as it created in me a fierce desire to change, but I felt the need to be guided and helped on this path. This is exactly what I have found in Stephanie, who was not only kind, relatable and patient, but also very supportive and always used the right words. I am very happy that all mental blocks were removed in just a couple of months, and I am very grateful to Stephanie for that.

- Helen

Stephanie guided me and helped me connect with a huge potential I didn't even know I had. I released the resistance that was blocking me and keeping me from achieving my goals. She helped me rewrite my story and I like the new one soooo much more. I love my life and I don't think there is a price for that. In just a few weeks, I had everything I wanted and everything I was hustling to get for months: a new job and a side project. I feel so much more in control, and I know that I can handle anything life will throw at me. I feel determined, joyful, free, and that I have my own back. I trust myself and it's a wonderful freeing feeling. 

Stephanie was there every step of the way. She guided me with a lot of compassion, patience and kindness.   

- Elodie

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